Uniden Australia has developed two UHF radios, the XTRAK 50 PRO and XTRAK 80 Pro, designed to make sure you remain connected while out and about. These radios are the go-to for those who seek an enduring connection while travelling or exploring the outdoors; allowing them to count on a reliable communication solution no matter where they are.

The XTRAK 50 PRO Handheld and XTRAK 80 Pro In-Vehicle provide a revolutionary way to communicate with their groundbreaking app-enabled location sharing capabilities between a handheld UHF Radio and in-vehicle one.

Now you can take advantage of the XTRAK Bluetooth app, available for iOS and Android devices, to instantly share locations, manage your Selcall contacts, access setting controls, and send text messages from a single app.

Know the exact location of your friends and colleagues with Uniden’s XTRAK App on your smartphone, when connected to your UHF radio. Whether in another vehicle with XTRAK 80 Pro or on foot with XTRAK 50 Pro, you can communicate and track each other’s locations seamlessly between the in-vehicle and handheld radios. This ensures that both locations are accurate.

The XTRAK 80 Pro features a big OLED display with anti-glare properties, as well as a backlit keypad that is clearly visible in any illumination. It delivers incredible sound quality even in loud locations, aided by its two-watt speakers and four-level voice enhancers. Furthermore, the Bluetooth connection enables it to be used with the audio system of a car.

Uniden’s one-touch instant replay offers up to six minutes of recent received communication and is integrated into both in-car and UHF handheld.

What is more, the smart key grants access between instant channels, monitor, call tone, quality, and equalisation.

As a further convenience, it comes with a magnetic mount for an effortless positioning of your speakerphone.

When off the mount, the XTRAK 80 Pro has a maximum power output of five watts and a range up to 18 kilometres in certain conditions – when compared to the XTRAK 50 Pro which boasts a peak power of five watts and offers approximately 17 kilometres in similar circumstances. Both models share the same desirable features including an anti-glare OLED display that is legible in any light, two-watt speakers with four-level voice enhancers to ensure clear sound even in noisy environments.

Units boast an impressive standby time of up to 30 hours, while also providing a one-touch instant replay feature, allowing you to record and playback recent communications for up to four minutes. You’ll never miss an essential message with this first-time instant replay capability on the UHF handheld.

XTRAK 50 Pro and XTRAK 80 Pro UHF radios are a must-have for outdoor lovers, providing reliable communication no matter the conditions. With their robust construction and weatherproof design, these radios offer unfailing performance in extreme temperatures, heavy rain, and other harsh environments. Hikers, campers, and other adventurers can depend on them to stay connected when they need it the most.

Uniden has added a Bluetooth headset as an extra feature for adventurers to its XTRAK PRO radio range. This lightweight, comfortable headset has a high-quality microphone for optimal voice transmission. It is the perfect complement to Uniden’s UHF radios.

Uniden’s trustworthiness in UHF technology makes the XTRAK 50 Pro and XTRAK 80 Pro ideal for outdoor adventurers who seek sturdy, dependable and quality gear.

Both radios provide superior construction, design and engineering excellence – simply what you’d expect from Uniden.

So whether you’re exploring the wilderness or venturing off-road with a team, these two devices will help you stay connected.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard
Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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