Managing camping power supplies can be a frustrating, fiddly, time-consuming process. Time spent manually checking multiple devices, or opening and closing six doors/drawers and panels to check, power up or power down lights, pumps, inverters or fridges would be better allocated to relaxing and enjoying the beautiful destination.

After all – you go camping to enjoy the great outdoors not to fiddle and fidget with control panels.

Readarc is an industry powerhous (yeah, I like a pun now and again) and their RedVision products have already proven to be reliable, effective and a great addition to anyone who wants smart battery charging and accessory control in one powerful package.

Whether you’re free camping or on a powered site, each RedVision system has the smarts to keep your secondary batteries charged while you travel, from solar, or from a power point at home.

The beauty of RedVision is that you can control your on-board devices including fridges, dimmable lights, inverters, and pumps from one central panel or stay by the campfire and use the RedVision app on your phone.

You can keep track of your battery levels in real time, monitor water tank levels and ambient temperature, or get comfortable in bed and switch off the entire campsite lights with one button on the app.

The latest addition to the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) product suite is the Rogue Control Module.

Purposely designed to have a slimline footprint to fit into the smallest of nooks and crannies in your vehicle or camper, the compact, lightweight Rogue is just 25mm thin.

It provides ten dimmable 10A outputs and eight switch inputs that may be interfaced with physical toggle and button switches on your equipment.

There’s also two configurable sensor inputs for tank level, boltage or ambient temperature monitoring.

The Rogue can be bought separately or paired with the Manager30 battery manager and RedVision display (sold separately) for a complete charging, monitoring and control situation.

For more information visit Redarc.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard

Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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