The new Porsche Cayenne certainly has a fresh feel; besides the revamped front end, the rear apron, headlights, bonnet, wings and tailgate have also been revamped. The standard Matrix LED Headlights have taken on a more horizontal and steeper shape than their predecessor. There is also an optional HD-Matrix LED Headlight available; its innovative technology adds to safety and comfort. At the front, you’ll notice larger air intakes contributing to the vehicle’s impactful appearance. Two horizontal black bars with painted inlays near the front emphasise its width, creating an athletic look that speaks volumes.

The back end of the SUV and Coupe have both received a cosmetic makeover, such as relocating the number plate and removing the tailgate grip bar. An interesting feature is the three-dimensionally sculptured glass rear LED light strip – including the tail lights and indicators – which spans across the entire rear in an arched formation to create an eye-catching light signature at night. The Porsche emblem has also been reworked, giving it a three-dimensional, free-standing design.

 As in its predecessor, the SUV and Coupé share an identical design at the front. The windscreen has been flattened and A-pillar angle sharpened, giving the Coupé a sportier appearance which is enhanced by its rear accents and wider stance.

Porsche now equips the Cayenne at the factory with a steel spring suspension that includes Porsche’s Active Suspension Management (PASM). This set-up is enhanced with new shock absorbers that have 2-valve technology to regulate rebound and compression levels independently, leading to enhanced performance whatever the speed. Clearly visible advantages include increased comfort while driving slowly, superior handling around corners and improved support for pitch and roll. 

The new adaptive air suspension with 2-chamber, 2-valve technology takes the driving experience to the next level. Compared to its predecessor, it ensures a smoother ride, improves stability when driving on or off the road and gives you greater precision and performance with less body roll in dynamic situations. Additionally, it provides an even more distinct change in Normal, Sport and Sport Plus driving modes.

 In Australia, the new Cayenne debuts with three different engine versions The entry Cayenne comes with the three-litre V6 turbo engine. Now generating 260 kW and respectable 500 Nm, which is 10 kW and 50 Nm over its predecessor.

The six-cylinder engine also forms the basis for the powertrain of the Cayenne E-Hybrid. In combination with a new electric motor that has been improved by 30 kW to 130 kW (176 PS), the combined output increases to 346 kW (470 PS). The capacity of the high-voltage battery has increased from 17.9 kWh to 25.9 kWh*.

A new 11 kW on-board charger now shortens the charging time despite the increased battery capacity. During the trip, the optimised e-hybrid driving modes can increase the efficiency of the vehicle.

In an extensive refinement, the four-litre V8 bi-turbo engine developed by Porsche now finds its way into the new Cayenne S.

With 349 KW on tap and an impressive 600 Nm on demand, both the SUV and the SUV Coupé can peg the 100 km/h marker in an eye widening brisk 4.7 seconds.

Taking a graceful bow, the honours got the flagship Turbo GT designed purely for maximum on-road performance as it remains the top model in the Cayenne range. It is available exclusively as a coupé only, and benefits from all the optimisations and innovations of the model series. In addition, the output of the four-litre V8 biturbo engine of the Turbo GT has been increased to a brutal 485 kW. And don’t forget to breathe as the GT unleashes its formidable strength, locking the stopwatch at a meagre 3.3s before crossing the 100km/h barrier.

Porsche have considered external design too, introducing a larger selection of colours, as well as lightweight sports packages that can save up to 33 kilograms on the Cayenne Coupé. They offer an extensive range of wheel sizes (20, 21 and 22 inches) so you can configure the new Cayenne for a dynamic look.

Porsche has put a great deal of care into the interior of the Cayenne, obtaining the perfect balance between digital and analogue. This new, cutting-edge set-up allows for enhanced interaction not just from the driver but from the front passenger too, through Porsche’s Driver Experience.

This fully digital system offers personalisation and effortless navigability, with a primary focus on the driver at its core.

The redesigned instrument cluster in the Porsche is now a stand-alone 12.6-inch curved digital display without any need for a hood cover, resulting in an impressively slim look. Depending on the features specified, drivers can select up to seven different views including the rev counter, online navigation, Night Vision Assist or 3D driving assistance system. As an alternative, they can also opt for the minimal view or a classic mode that incorporates the iconic five-tube design of Porsche into a digital format.

Additionally, there is a 10.9 inch touchscreen on the centre console for the passenger’s use, such as using navigation or browsing media services; and a special coating ensures that this display won’t be noticeable from the driver’s seat.

The steering wheel of the all-new, completely redesigned cockpit comes from the 911 and features a high-quality, modern and sporty design. Directly on the wheel is mounted the driving mode switch to select Normal, Offroad, Sport and Sport Plus modes; then there’s a convenient toggle button for selecting functions and designs in the instrument cluster or operating the crisp head-up display. All this creates an intensified driving experience. Moreover, relocation of the automatic gear selector to the side of the wheel has freed up the centre console for the large air conditioning controller encased in a sophisticated black panel design.

The dash has been given an increased horizontal emphasis, giving the interior an even wider look, with air vents vertically aligned like always. But this time, Porsche have designed all the outlets without louvres. Connectivity has been improved with four USB-C ports – two in the front storage compartment and two in the rear section of the centre console; all providing fast charging. Scanning a QR code displayed in PCM lets you pair your smartphone to the Cayenne and take advantage of functions such as Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®, along with apps such as Spotify and Apple Music. Plus, there’s a cooled smartphone storage area offering inductive charging up to 15 watts.

Finding the ideal combination of performance options and customisations to suit your needs is not easy, and the hardest part may be selecting the perfect colour that best reflects your driving style.

We maintain hope that Porsche will send some models to WA, so we can provide you with a more detailed in-depth and hands on review of the Porsche range.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard
Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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