Automobili Pininfarina is breaking ground with the debut of their latest design concept, PURA Vision. This revolutionary luxury vehicle embodies the brand’s philosophy by seamlessly merging elements of iconic models from Pininfarina SpA’s history with a stunning vision for the future, resulting in a captivating electric Luxury Utility Vehicle. It boasts bold cab-rear proportions and impeccable detailing, resulting in a dynamic identity with its slim glasshouse and unique tri-opening pillarless doors, providing ultimate access to its refined cabin.

For almost a century, Pininfarina has been renowned for its timeless design. The newly unveiled PURA Vision continues this legacy with its trademark aesthetics, combining classic proportions and intricate details. Drawing inspiration from the 1947 Cisitalia, the car’s low hood and high fenders make a bold cultural statement, reminiscent of the iconic vehicle that was the first to be featured in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

According to Dave Amantea, Chief Design Officer at Automobili Pininfarina, the PURA Vision embodies the essence of our brand’s iconic vehicles, blending classic elements with a contemporary touch. It exudes a striking appearance from all perspectives and embodies our signature PURA design approach on a type of car we have yet to explore. With its commanding demeanor, inviting interior, and carefully selected materials, this vehicle stands out among others while still bearing the unmistakable Pininfarina stamp through its timeless design, impeccable proportions, and intricate technical features on the lower body.

Boasting a unique appearance, characterized by concealed headlights and state-of-the-art L.E.S.S. nanofibre lighting technology that produces a striking daytime running light signature. The cutting-edge lighting system uses ultra-thin fibres, customizable to complement any design, and its lightweight composition and exceptional energy efficiency make it ideal for an innovative electric LUV. The headlights are incorporated into a full-width multi-functional technical element that outlines the lower portion of the body, promoting effective cooling and enhancing aerodynamics.

The exterior design of PURA Vision is enhanced by its selection of materials and color finishes. The athletic appearance is emphasized through the contrast between the glossy Bianco Sestriere body, exposed carbon fibre elements, narrow glasshouse, and gloss black floating roof. The cab-rear proportions and short overhangs in profile create a commanding presence, complemented by 23-inch alloy wheels. These tires feature a white stripe that brings cohesiveness to the exterior and enhances the definition of the matte black wheels.

The sophisticated luxury of the vehicle is enhanced by an innovative panoramic roof. The centre section, also known as the ‘biscotto’, is illuminated by gentle LED lighting and connects the front windscreen to the rear tailgate. This distinct ‘biscotto’ also provides support for the expansive single-piece side windows, which are part of the Lounge Door openings on each side. These doors open upwards without obstruction, thanks to the pillarless design and rear-hinged back doors. This allows for easy access to 2+2 seating and was inspired by classic designs such as Lancia Florida saloon from the Fifties, a favorite of Pininfarina’s founder Battista Farina.

The exterior of the vehicle exudes meticulous craftsmanship characteristic of Automobili Pininfarina. Notable features include a meticulously crafted anodised aluminium beltline encircling the glasshouse, starting at the windscreen and continuing in a seamless curve around PURA Vision. The roofline is distinguished by sleek aluminum accents on either side, housing rear-facing cameras to replace traditional door mirrors in the front and bearing the PURA Vision emblem at the back.

The rear of the vehicle boasts ultra-slim horizontal LED lights, while the glasshouse narrows in plan view to highlight PURA Vision’s defined haunches. These sharp body lines, where the car sharply rises from the wheel arches, resemble those of a sports car and add to its one-of-a-kind stance. This distinct look is further enhanced by the biscotto roof design, giving it a distinctive appearance similar to that of the Battista hyper GT when viewed from above.

Moving further down, the exposed carbon fibre bumper maintains a technical aesthetic that mirrors the front end while also providing a sharp contrast to the sleek surfaces and artistic shapes of the upper body. Projected outwardly, PURA Vision effortlessly combines the commanding presence of an SUV with the determined demeanor of a low-slung sports car, all while maintaining its opulent interior that adheres to the same principle.

The driving position resembles a two-seater, but the cabin feels spacious and inviting. Thanks to its electric powertrain, the interior has ample room and a flat floor that adds to the sense of openness. The panoramic glass roof further enhances this feeling of space.

Drawing inspiration from the world of luxury sailing yachts, the design of the elegant PURA Vision features suspended front seats that seem to float like a sailboat’s foil. The centre console echoes the shape of a sail’s boom. While sitting behind the wheel, the spacious dashboard seamlessly blends with the exterior, elongating the unique contours of the hood into the cabin.

According to Francesco Cundari, Director of Interior Design at Automobili Pininfarina, PURA Vision presents a new era of sophisticated interiors that envelop clients in bespoke luxury. The design features enhanced visibility and discerning material selections, seamlessly fusing the sportiness of a high-performance car with the opulence of a premium vehicle.

The upcoming lineup of Automobili Pininfarina cars is committed to providing seamless connectivity and convenience for drivers, as evidenced by PURA Vision. The cabin boasts cutting-edge technology that caters to passengers’ needs in a timely and user-friendly manner. This includes an easy-to-use central touchscreen, innovative digital displays, and a personalized head-up display.

The fine attention to detail in the visual design is complemented by the use of advanced technologies. The central display conveniently rises from the console and can be easily stowed away to minimize distractions. Each occupant can enjoy their own individual sound zone, thanks to speakers built into the headrests, creating a personalized travel experience. The generous glass area allows everyone to feel connected to their surroundings, elevating every journey. Adding to the contemporary luxury is an integrated wine cooler located between the rear seats for ultimate enjoyment.

PURA Vision is distinguished by its use of refined, genuine and tactile materials, creating a one-of-a-kind feeling of modern luxury within. The four separate seats are adorned with a sleek white design, complemented by charcoal leather lining the dashboard and doors in a seamless 360-degree accent.

The interior features a combination of soft semi-aniline leather and a signature textile fabric, while exposed carbon fibre and anodised aluminium match the finishes on the exterior. In line with their sustainable manufacturing approach, Automobili Pininfarina repurposed waste aluminium from PURA Vision’s wheels to create custom protective kickplates for the door sills. These details enhance the overall “wow” factor when opening the tri-opening Lounge Doors.

According to Sara Campagnolo, Colour and Materials Design Director at Automobili Pininfarina, materials are not merely a covering for our vehicles; they are an essential element that embodies the essence of our design. In line with our PURA philosophy, we strive to use minimal but top-notch materials in the most efficient way possible to achieve a personalized, enduring, and eco-friendly aesthetic in PURA Vision.

The new signature textile in the centre console, upper seatbacks and headlining is a combination of 30% Nativa wool and 70% recycled polyester. Its melange herringbone pattern gives a textured look and features electro-welded Pininfarina logos on the seat headrests. Despite being a design concept, this innovative textile already meets Automobili Pininfarina’s durability standards for production vehicles under PURA Vision.

With the help of its in-house team of engineering and manufacturing experts in Italy and extensive experience, Automobili Pininfarina has crafted the PURA Vision design concept. This cutting-edge concept ushers in a new era of luxurious electric vehicles.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard

Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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