There are a few lucky folk who seized the day and signed up for Nissan’s go-fast NISMO and I bet they can’t wait to get their hands on the keys.

The NISMO’s unique exterior feature design elements not only look more aggressive in a positive differentiation from other Z family members, but to achieve Nissan’s goal of improving the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance under race conditions. Sensational looks and some serious positive down force.

The new front fascia features a design element known as the “Grand-Nose” or “G-Nose” paying homage to the earlier Nissan 240ZG. The grille is finished with the thinnest mesh of any Nissan production car, to reduce drag while allowing copious quantities of cool air across the radiator to help keep engine bay temperature under control.

Canards (small wind splints) have been installed on the NISMO’s front corners, to help generate vortexes over the wheels to improve aerodynamic performance, whilst the bottom edge of the fascia is finished in bright red to add a sharp contrast and visual appeal. 

The new G-Nose is also complemented by a three-piece rear spoiler design, taller and wider than the Z Coupe.

Inspired by the GT-R NISMO, the rear bumper corners and side sills have been reworked to reduce drag, air separation and lift. 

The same striking red accent also runs across the lower section of the rear fascia, just above the rear exhaust outlets.

Above the window line, Z NISMO stands apart from other Z variants with distinct dark metallic gray katana-blade styling elements.

Its black-painted roof and gloss black 19-inch RAYS® wheels also add to its unique style.

Those lucky enough to secure purchase could choose from a selection of five colours: Black Diamond Pearl, Brilliant Silver, Passion Red TriCoat, Everest White Pearl TriCoat and the exclusive Stealth Grey – only available for the NISMO. 

Nissan’s designers took special care to make the Z NISMO cabin look attractive with no unnecessary distractions.

The engine start/stop, and drive mode selection buttons are anodized in red, while the fully digital TFT meter display features a red outline around the tachometer with a NISMO logo, plus a unique red “flash” for its start-up animation.

Added to that is a new sporty steering wheel which features the same materials as the seats, plus an eye-catching red accent mark at 12 o’clock, a nod to its track-oriented performance.

Body hugging Recaro seats, finished in a combination of leather and Alcantara, with a red centre section and NISMO logos in the headrests, provide support for driver and passenger. 

The Z NISMO takes the twin-turbo V6 engine to greater heights, with Nissan providing an indicative power output of 310kWs and 520Nm torque. This peak torque is spread from 2,000 to 5,200 rpm, giving drivers impressive performance over a wide rev range.

To achieve these power gains required a combination of better cooling, revised electronic wastegate control, increased turbocharger boost and speed, along with the use of an independent inspired spark ignition strategy inspired by the GT-R NISMO. There’s also an upgraded engine oil cooler to ensure engine stress levels and temperatures are stable during arduous laps on the circuit.

The Z NISMO gains further improvements with its advanced nine-speed automatic transmission, specifically designed for both track and everyday driving demands.

Nissan indicates it provides even more aggressive standing start acceleration to 100km when engaging Launch control.

With the engine software further enhanced to take full advantage of the auto’s modified clutch packs for providing rapid gear changes, the NISMO Z’s downshifts are nearly 50% quicker than the other Z siblings.

In addition to Normal and Sport, Z NISMO introduces a new Sport+ drive mode for circuit driving. Its shift programming allows it to be so responsive that manual shifting with the paddles isn’t really necessary. However, they can still be used when the driver wants a greater sense of engagement and interaction with the vehicle.

NISMO engineers completely revamped the car’s suspension, fine-tuning it for optimum accuracy, precision, and cornering grip. Unique stabilizer bars, a more rigid spring rate and bigger, re-tuned dampers were incorporated to achieve the ultimate in steering control; allowing drivers to steer with minimal corrections to nail that perfect line through the apex and providing additional confidence as they take on their next track challenge.

NISMO rides on Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX GT600 tyres for maximum road feel and grip. The rear tyres measure 10 millimetres wider than the normal Z Coupe variant jumping from 275 to 285/35R19. 

The NISMO-specific gloss black RAYS 19-inch wheels are also a half inch wider, and lighter.

Engineers upgraded the Z NISMO braking system, replacing the front brakes with bigger 15.0-inch rotors and 13.8-inch rear brake rotors for enhanced braking.

And they equipped the NISMO Z with a more performance-oriented brake pad compound to improve Z’s already impressive pedal feel and dependable braking over extended track use.

Updated chassis revisions to the Z NISMO provide for improved response and handling via bracing and stiffening measures. Reinforcement to the front, rear, and bottom of the car, increase torsional rigidity by 2.5%, compared to other versions. Further lateral stiffness is achieved through firmer suspension bushings and a reinforced mounting bushing for the steering rack.

Even with a driveway price of $104,053 in WA, the Nissan Z NISMO are already sold out! So, will Nissan be releasing more into the Australian landscape? We’ll be watching in eager anticipation.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard
Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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