Projecta have released a new 24V 3000W pure sinewave inverter, building on the 12V 1500W and 3000W variants launched last year.

This bit of kit is perfect for large RV running 24V electrical systems, and will run a wide range of low draw and power-hungry equipment including induction cooktops, air conditioning, air compressors and even large power tools. 

Unlike other inverters on the market, the new IP3000-24V2 INTELLI-Wave inverter – and its 12V counterpart – offers 200 per cent startup power for up to three seconds. This feature provides enough ‘kick’ to switch on many common appliances that require more power to start than they do to run. In the case of the IP3000-24V2, this equates to 6000W of peak power for up to three seconds, and 4200W for up to three minutes. 

For ease of use, the IP3000-24V2 features a front-face LCD display that provides information on voltage and the amount of power being drawn by the appliance. Other benefits include a built-in safety switch (RCD) which provides protection for the user as well as the devices being powered, while voltage, temperature (65°C), fault and overload protections also provide additional surety for owners.  

Additionally, the IP3000-24V2 offers the functionality and versatility of a market-leading AC transfer switch that provides seamless transition between AC and DC power sources, meaning users don’t have to turn their appliances off when swapping over. There’s also a power saving ECO mode that reduces current draw by a factor of 100 when the inverter is turned on but not in use, meaning battery charge can last over 300 days compared to only seven to ten days without ECO mode.  

A wired LCD remote/monitor allows for convenient out-of-sight installation, this is aided by the unit’s tough extruded aluminium construction that’s dust proof and shock resistant, ensuring the inverters are suitable for fitment in a variety of locations, and will withstand the rigours of the road or worksite. 

The IP3000-24V2 is backed by a 2-year warranty, with the latest addition bringing the total number of inverters within the INTELLI-Wave line-up to seven. The range is available from leading auto, camping, transport and trade outlets Australia-wide.           

For more information, visit Projecta.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard

Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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