One of the best things about the move to Electric Vehicles is the opportunity for designers to reimagine what a car exterior and interior looks like. We haven’t reached sci-fi hover eggs or removed the fundamental bonnet to boot shape but changes are a-coming.

Kia has just revealed their first 3-row electric SUV which combines serene curves with rugged boxiness in a break from current design cues. Kia describes the EV9 has having a “Digital Tiger Face” – which incorporates a Digital Pattern Lighting Grille, striking vertical headlamps and “Star Map” LED daytime running lights. Oncoming drivers may be blinking rapidly wondering whether they’ll be waved over to be asked “Take me to your leader”. 

Inside, the EV9 hints at the future travel experiences when the elusive holy graille of autonomous driving becomes a reality. Designers have taken full advantage of the long wheelbase, low beltline and completely flat EV architecture to incorporate what families really want – space, comfort and a quality experience for everyone.

Occupants sitting in the first and second-row seats can simultaneously recline their seats to relax and rest when the EV9 is charging. The seats in the second row can be effortlessly swivelled 180 degrees so that occupants can interact with those sitting in the third row. How’s that for instant limousine service? “Hey honey, can you drop us girls off for lunch?” The third-row seats also offer cup holders and charging points for mobile devices.

Kia will be launching a global campaign in late March which the guiding vision “Here to reshape the way we move.”  Even before more details of the EV9 are released, it looks like they will be delivering on that promise.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard
Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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