The Polestar 3 brings together the latest in high-tech components and design innovation from a design and engineering team who were challenged to develop an SUV to drive Polestar into the future of the electric age.

It’s not just about re-thinking the SUV archetype to balance proportions, stance and aerodynamics. Nor is it delivering more than straight line acceleration. As Polestar Thomas Ingenlath explains: “It’s the instant ability to transform from a comfortable cruiser to a sharp, agile performance car in less than the blink of an eye that makes Polestar 3 special as an electric performance SUV.”

The Polestar 3 uses a technology base developed by and shared with Volvo cars featuring advanced safety systems from Volvo and leading industry suppliers such as Zenseact, Luminar and Smart Eye. The centralised core computing from NVIDIA, running Volvo Car software, acts as an AI brain to process data from multiple sensors and cameras to support advanced driver-assistance and monitoring safety features.

But the vehicle is Polestar’s own with unique defining features like dual blade headlights and aero dynamic optimisation. There’s a front aero wing integrated into the bonnet, an aero wing integrated into the rear spoiler, and rear aero blades.

Polestar is focused on sustainability

Materials used inside Polestar 3 have been selected not just to look and feel amazing – they must also be sustainable and responsibly sourced. There’s bio-attributed MicroTech, animal welfare-certified leather and fully traceable wool upholsteries. In line with Polestar’s commitment to transparency, an ongoing life-cycle assessment on Polestar 3 will seek to reduce its carbon footprint.

When designing a vehicle from the ground up, the opportunities for including impressive new technology result in a quantum leap forward for passenger safety and comfort.

As standard, Polestar 3 features a total of five radar modules, five external cameras and twelve external ultrasonic sensors to support numerous advanced safety features. The SmartZone below the front aero wing collects several of the forward-facing sensors, a heated radar module and camera, and now becomes a signature of Polestar design. Inside, two closed-loop driver monitoring cameras bring leading eye tracking technology from Smart Eye to a Polestar for the first time, geared towards safer driving. The cameras monitor the driver’s eyes and can trigger warning messages, sounds and even an emergency stop function when detecting a distracted, drowsy or disconnected driver.

Plus, interior radar sensors that can detect sub-millimetre movements in the interior of the car, to help protect against accidentally leaving children or pets inside. The system is also linked to the climate control system to avoid heat stroke or hypothermia.

On the road, the Polestar 3 is designed to offer performance and precision with no compromise on comfort.

To do this, Polestar 3 will offer a dual-motor configuration and a power bias towards the rear producing a total of 360 kW and 840 Nm of torque. Adjustable one-pedal drive is included and upgraded electric Torque Vectoring Dual Clutch function on the rear axle. A decoupling function allows the car to run only on the front electric motor to save energy.

Advanced chassis control is provided by dual-chamber air suspension that can be adjusted electronically every two milliseconds, allowing Polestar 3 to offer comfort or dynamic suspension characteristics.

A 111 kWh battery pack provides Polestar 3 up to 610 km (preliminary advertised range). The lithium-ion battery features a prismatic cell design housed in a protective aluminium case with boron steel reinforcement and liquid cooling. A heat pump is included as standard, helping Polestar 3 utilise ambient heat for climate- and battery preconditioning. Polestar 3 is also equipped for bidirectional charging, enabling future potential for vehicle-to-grid and plug-and-charge capabilities.

If you want it all – performance, comfort, family practicality and feel better environmental sustainability then the Polestar 3 is a worthy contender for pride of place in your garage.

After recording almost 7,000 expressions of interest since unveiling the electric SUV in October 2022 the order books are now open.

The first Australian Polestar 3 deliveries are targeted for quarter 1, 2024 with two versions available.

  • The long range dual motor priced from $132,900
  • The long range dual motor with performance pack priced from $141,900

For more information and detailed specs, go to Polestar 3.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard

Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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